Sydney Family Photographer | The Eastlake Family

A few months back I had the privilege of documenting the Eastlake family on a sheep farm
just outside the town Young in country NSW.

From the moment I arrived It was obvious that the farm which was previously owned by Sam’s grandmother & late grandfather and now in the car  of his uncle holds many precious childhood memories and life experiences for Sam. His excitement when he was showing his wife Jo & two children Rosie & Henry around the farm was infectious and I had such a fun time documenting this family adventure.

Thanks so much guys for asking me to come along and document the next chapter and generation in this story. It was truly an honour.

Below is just a few of my favourites from the day I spent with them.

Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-83Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-180Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-165Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-36Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-216Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-19Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-160Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-217Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-220Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-222Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-44Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-184Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-95Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-38Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-92Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-25Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-77Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-86Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-124Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-90Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-145Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-151Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-152Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-132Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-143Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-144Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-206Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-21Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-228Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-242Eastlake Family Session_22.04.15-230

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